Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Thousands of Americans get killed on roads through auto accidents annually, and tens of thousands are injured. Though the automobile is a formidable mode of transportation, it has inherent risks like injuries and death. Therefore, your preferred mode of transport warrants prolific protection while cruising on various roadways of Connecticut. If you own a car in Danbury, CT, it's worthwhile to get proper auto insurance from Stratos Wealth Partners to shield you and your vehicle. Buying reliable auto insurance in Danbury, CT will rescue your wallet from paying for injuries and property damage out of pocket. Please speak to our agents at Stratos Wealth Partners for more information. They will show you the auto coverage options available to choose one right for your needs and budgetary allocation.

Is auto insurance mandatory in Connecticut?

Like in many states, auto insurance is legally required in Connecticut. Connecticut legal law advocates minimum liability car insurance, which caters to damage and injuries propagated by individual drivers. The minimum mandated liability requirements include property damage and bodily injury. However, in some cases, the state-mandated coverage requirements are not sufficient. Thus, it's wise to consider other available auto insurance coverages to enhance protection for you and your car. They include:

  • Collision coverage: Imagine your car being stolen or being engaged in an accident? These are stressful scenarios you can encounter unexpectedly on roads. Investing in collision insurance rescues you by catering to repair or replacement costs when your vehicle engages in collision with other vehicles and other forms of stationary objects.
  • Comprehensive coverage: It's a coverage that repairs or replaces your car when it gets physically damaged by non-collision events like fire, vandalism, and falling objects.
  • Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage: What happens when a motorist with inadequate or no coverage crashes into you? Worry no more because this coverage caters to your medical expenses if you get involved in a crash with another driver who is inadequately covered or is not insured and is legally deemed responsible.
  • Medical payments coverage: It pays for real medical expenditure, like X-rays and drugs after a car crash. It also covers lost wages and funeral expenses if you get killed or injured in an automobile accident.

Do you want to avert fines and impending perils in Connecticut emanating from driving without auto insurance? Please call or visit us at Stratos Wealth Partners for spectacular auto insurance coverage matching your lifestyle and needs.